If there is one thing we love at Family Studios Marathias it is a great wedding !!

As one of the most important days in anyone’s life we take it very seriously to organize everything to perfection and deliver on the bride and grooms expectations.  We really want the day to be unforgettable for the special couple and also from their family and friends.  We can help with everything needed for the reception – location, food, drink, entertainment and music.  We have experience from the multiple weddings we have hosted and arranged in the past and access to a wide network of suppliers all over the island of Corfu.


We offer a complete set price on request ( usually our prices are more reasonable than similar packages in Northern European countries) and in addition our accommodation can house your family and guests after the big night! No taxi or bus rides home.  We also have a great relationship with the Anglican Church of Corfu for those interested and can advise on wedding planners and the contacts needed for registering your marriage with the authorities.

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