Our Family

A few words about our family.

We are a traditional Greek Family which has been employed in the tourist industry since 1981 , originally providing apartments at Marathias Beach where in 1989 we begun to operate our new family restaurant.

Since 2006, the second generation of our family has taken steps in order to provide even higher standards of quality in a highly competitive market. In the year 2007 we totally renovated the restaurant, the target being to satisfy all modern needs and demands without losing the character of a family business, paying special attention to the menu where we maintained the quality and the standards  first introduced by our family and the single most important factor in ensuring the satisfaction of our guests.

We feel the key to success is hospitality, a quality found in abundance on Corfu and we strive to reflect this quality in the professional service we provide and in the high standards of quality at all levels of the enterprise.

Family Studios…..feel like home!