Marathias – Corfu , is a small, traditional village in south-west Corfu with a population of apporximately 330 inhabitants.  Marathias is a part of the Municipality of Korission on Corfu.

In fact, the original village of Marathias was built on the top of a local lush hill surrounded by olive groves. In the Middle Ages the inhabitants started to move to the lower plains.  Nowadays the ruins of some of the original houses, a cemetery and a small church are all that remain.

Today the new village is built at a distance of 1800 meters from the beach of Marathias while our Family Studios Apartments are at a distance of less than 120 meters from the beach. The route from the village to the beach makes for an unforgettable experience giving you the opportunity to walk through some of the oldest olive trees on the island where you can observe and feel at one with nature.

For those of you who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, in Marathias you will find a sense of peace and tranquility. You may also discover the traditional Corfiot cuisine at any one of the many local taverns which make Marathias the ideal destination for rest and relaxation.

Marathias Beach

Marathias Beach on Corfu is one of the best beaches around the island. This lengthy stretch of fine sand which is gently caressed by the crystal clear waters of the Ionion Sea has in fact been awarded a blue flag and is a major attraction for most visitors to Corfu island.  The beach can cater to all needs providing organized facilities suitable for groups of friends or families to get together while there are other parts of the 2000 meter stretch of beach which are more private giving visitors the opportunity to find a quieter corner to relax in.  It is undoubtedly  the best destination for family holidays. Marathias beach is also known as “Malta’s Beach or Santa Barbara beach” but the most well-known and common name is ‘Marathias Beach”.

Marathias Sunset

Enjoy the sunset at Marathias while you drink your coffee or your ouzo at one of the local beach bars. That’s the perfect moment to relax and unwind . The only stress you might experience is trying to capture this perfect sunset with a camera at just the right moment. Photos just don’t do it justice.