Patounis Soap Factory in Corfu


In Corfu Town , there still remains the last original example of the industrial history of the island. The historical soap factory of Patounis continues to operate in the same location where it was built in 1891!. Patounis Soap Factory is a family business with a history that spans over five generations. It has managed to keep a historic part of the olive oil production industry alive on Corfu . A lot of the traditional equipment which was used in the original production of soap has been maintained and preserved as well as the unique knowledge which has disappeared elsewhere.

Patounis Soap Factory produces pure soaps using Corfiot Olive Trees exclusively.  The raw materials used in the traditional production of soap (oil, soda, salt, water) without any extras or chemicals are still used today;
soap made from 100% pure olive oil.  With limited foaming activity and well known for its hypoallergenic action, Patounis produces Green core-oil soap. This particular soap consists of chlorophyll from the olive tree and is well known for its disinfecting properties as well as multiple other uses.
“Massalia’s type oil” made from 80% pure olive oil and 20% edible phoenix core-oil is a very popular soap which produces a lot of foam.
The factory’s soap products have been awarded internationally for their quality standards. As a result , most of the factory’s products are exported abroad (Europe, Japan, etc).
Also the Patounis Soap Factory is a living monument to industrial archeology in accordance with the declaration of the Cultural Ministry of Greece.   Guided tours can be arranged for groups of visitors and students.


Patounis Soap Factory,

Address: Ioannou Theotoki 9

Tel. (0030) 2661039806

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 09:00 -14:00

Tue, Thu, Fri: 18:00 – 21:00