Honey Production

You may wish to  visit a local honey production company called “MKB – Vasilakis”  where you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at how  Corfiot honey is made.

BASILAKIS (Vasilakis)

MKB – A family business

The company’s mission is to provide fine honey products in their purest form to their customers.
At a time when the practice of beekeeping is very difficult, perseverance, love, hard work, respect for nature and in depth knowledge of beekeeping has allowed the Vassilakis family to continue to offer an excellent range of bee products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax.

Responding to modern consumer demands for healthier food, our company was incorporated into the 2003 Program LEADER +  establishing typopoiitiriou honey in the Vatos Parelioi area.

The investment was financed by the Ministry of Agriculture through AGROK Inc. and the project was completed in 2007 which includes buildings up to 350 square meters, mechanical equipment (lab, standardization) and organic certification and quality assurance system and healthy food HACCP certified ISO22000.

We focus on the standardization process and issues related to the health and safety of our products which subsequently allows us to offer the consumer excellent quality honey. To this end there is a fully equipped lab on sight where quality testing is carried out.

MKB Vasilakis

Vatos – Corfu , Tel: (0030) 26610 95148